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Promote a different night life scene, with conscious parties, fund raising activities and the introduction of ecological discotequesPromote sustainable environmentally friendly products, conscious music and educative entertainmentEncourage the collection of rain water and the installation of ecological measures for reducing water consumptionEncourage the growth of the health giving industry on Ibiza island

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In order to have a wide view of public initiatives for a more sustainable local community, we have begun to collect suggestions from participating members of our Ibiza Ecologic membership.

The following list of ideas should be seen as a work in progress and will provide us with a good base of details for our further research.
The order of the sections can also be changed along the way, just as the suggestions can be tailored to suit the collective vision we are trying to create between all participants.

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Natural health
Natural Health
As in most places of the world, many of the local population and visitors need help, either with urgent health care necessities or health information.

With such an abundance of natural health care attention on offer, from a wealth of local plant medicines, to the abundance of natural health practitioners present in ibiza, the obvious step would be to further encourage the growth of this health giving industry on the island.

Provide fresh local organic food for hospital patients. This will not only increase the local ecological food production with a sure market for their products, it will give patients access to much needed natural vitamins and minerals helping them to recover more quickly!

A total re-think on what we teach our children and how we teach it to them.
Create a new attraction for visitors to our little island:

Bed and breakfast facilities in country farm houses

Youth hostels for people on low budget eco-holidays

Promote more participation in local multi-cultural events and traditional activities

Promote a different night life scene, with conscious parties, fund raising activities and the introduction of ecological discoteques

Introduce the idea of a yearly three day Ibiza festival event, with great emphasis on sustainable environmentally friendly products, conscious music and educative entertainment.
Introduce new legislation which encourages ecological construction methods.

Encourage the fabrication and use of local ecological building materials instead of imports.
Adopt a more holistic view towards the islands agricultural resources and apply permaculture techniques wherever possible

Provide ecological food garden facilities for residents without access to land

Connect with Tourism to encourage the invitation for young visitors to work on local farming projects, with either a reduced fee or in direct exchange for their work. Provide funding for insurance cover and wherever possible economic resources to help with the evolution.

Encourage more local farmers to have meetings and discussions with respect to shared resources as well as help with any available subsidies.
More finance for investigation of agricultrual and natural resource managment

Further encourage the growth of small, environmentally friendly manufacturing businesses that can add real value to our local socio-economic and ecological landscape.
Energy use and conservation
Energy use and conservation
Further encourage the use of alternative energy sources, including the introduction of a free energy market (resilience).

Begin the energy descent programme by offering free testing of existing properties and a professional list of suggested improvements, with corresponding information on available subsidies.

(offer complete energy reducing projects to suit different economic limitations).
Water use and conservation
Water use and conservation
Further encourage the collection of rain water and the installation of ecological measures for reducing consumption without losing the quality of life. (More ready made packages for projects, with all details and financial possibilities included in the offer – ethical bank offers with low or zero interest arrangements, government subsidies and access to information on foundations etc who may be willing to help).
Strongly encourage the use of electrical vehicles, with suitable recharging facilites, so that the project is sure to work.

Eco taxis -Toyota Prius style or all electric (

Hydrogen buses -

More bicycle pathways, especially for those travelling to work by bike.

(Easy and pleasant ways to get out of town and into the cycle path system, without getting run over on the fast roads).

Free or very cheap loan of bicycles to the population, encouraging more people to go by bike.

More subsidised bus services on less commercial routes

Raise the price of petrol for non-resident visitors, to further encourage the use of electric and alternative vehicles.
Waste management
Waste Management
How we manage our community waste affects every one of us. We should make every effort to find a suitable system which is both effective and economically viable.

We need more public campaigns to encourage correct use of waste management services - Ibiza Limpia Campaign - Ibiza recicla etc (

Better instructions on recycling containers, more information/videos/publicity boards/letters to commercial companies/tourtist participation via tourist industry.

(Many people still think that all the separated rubbish is thrown into the land fill).

Introduce compost recycling on a commercial scale (need to reduce organic landfill content by 35% in 2010 - by European law)

Examine different methods of managing organic waste recycling

Placement of recycling facilities in all major supermarket car parks (as in the rest of Europe)

Land use
Land use
Introduce a system of land evaluation for future agricultural purposes before granting building permissions.

Too much good arable land has been lost to urbanisation, leaving each time less for self sufficient food production in the years to come.

Forests for energy production instead of using imported fossil fuels.

Allotments in each town and village, available to island residents without access to land.
Social services
Social Services
Present social services on the island are one of the stronger points on the agenda for the majority of politicians and improvements are therefore constantly being made where necessary.
With around 100 different nationalities living in Ibiza and all the subsequent connections worldwide, we should surely invite the most respectful people we know to join us into the future.


Perhaps during an entrance interview, as well as asking how new immigrants will support themselves, we could also ask for a demonstration of ecological intention before inviting new individuals to be residents on the island.
As a world famous local civilization living in a democracy, we should believe than our chosen government will represent the majority view of it's population. Until recently, this has been something we have been invited to participate in only every fours years, during the local elections.

A new and far more efficient gesture is to invite the population to continue their participation in local government decisions throughout the whole period of governance.

Joining together all the civic groups and local neighbourhood associations into a island peoples movement, would not only give local authorities a bigger opportunity to tap into the great wealth of information from their consituents, it would also bind the population in a positive and sustainable direction. By working hand in hand with the local administration, this growing peoples presence can be of real value in finding ways to improve our own environmental stability. It can also mean being in a position to transmit this information to all parts of the world.
Participate and send in your suggestions
participate in the Ibiza transition mission in order to construct a collective vision, on how to build an environmentally sustainable & regenerative future for the island of Ibiza IBIZA TRANSITION ISLAND

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Ibiza transition mission in order to construct a collective vision, on how to build an environmentally sustainable & regenerative future for the island of Ibiza.

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