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- Buy an Electric or more fuel efficient car if you can afford one

- Use Eco-Driving techniques (drive smoothly and carefully. Check tyre pressures)

- Use Public Transportation if available and suitable for the journey

- Use bicycles for short journeys

- Plan your use of motor-powered transport and reduce your journeys to a minimum

Strongly encourage the use of electrical vehicles, with suitable recharging facilites, so that the project is sure to work.

Eco taxis -Toyota Prius style or all electric (http://www.climatecars.com/environment.html)

Hydrogen buses - http://www.global-hydrogen-bus-platform.com/

More bicycle pathways, especially for those travelling to work by bike.

(Easy and pleasant ways to get out of town and into the cycle path system, without getting run over on the fast roads).

Free or very cheap loan of bicycles to the population, encouraging more people to go by bike.

More subsidised bus services on less commercial routes

Raise the price of petrol for non-resident visitors, to further encourage the use of electric and alternative vehicles.

Ibiza Transition Island

Guía de IBIZA