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waste management
Waste Management
How we manage our community waste affects every one of us. We should make every effort to find a suitable system which is both effective and economically viable.

We need more public campaigns to encourage correct use of waste management services - Ibiza Limpia Campaign - Ibiza recicla etc (http://mallorcarecicla.net)

Better instructions on recycling containers, more information/videos/publicity boards/letters to commercial companies/tourtist participation via tourist industry.

(Many people still think that all the separated rubbish is thrown into the land fill).

Introduce compost recycling on a commercial scale (need to reduce organic landfill content by 35% in 2010 - by European law)

Examine different methods of managing organic waste recycling

Placement of recycling facilities in all major supermarket car parks (as in the rest of Europe)

Ibiza Transition Island

Guía de IBIZA